The One Degree Shift pledge is part of the Rivive! Nashville movement and is designed to spark small changes in behaviors that add up to big results when it comes to the health and safety of the streams and rivers in Nashville.

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Repairing the past. Preparing the future.

With more than 80 people moving to Nashville each day and 250 miles of Nashville’s waterways already in need of repair, the area’s continued rate of growth threatens to place unimaginable demands on our natural water resources, unless we do something today.

The Rivive! Nashville movement was started to bring attention to this and to solve problems before they begin.

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Why take this pledge?

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Healthy streams & rivers

Help keep Nashville's streams and rivers healthy for wildlife and recreation.

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Clean drinking water

Help ensure all Nashville residents have access to clean water.

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Be part of the movement

Join the Rivive! Nashville movement to address water issues now before they become a problem.

Step 1.

So that we can send you more information and tips, we need to get your contact info. Don't worry we won't bug you that often.

Step 2.

Review the six pledges below, and choose the one you want. We will email you more information including helpful tips to get you going.

Why can't I choose more than one pledge?

We love your enthusiasm! This pledge campaign is designed around baby steps. Focusing exclusively on one change, or shift, at a time makes it much more likely for it not to get in the way of your life or take too much of your time… thus potentially becoming a normal part of your life that you continue to do long after the pledge campaign ends.

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pick up

my dog's waste and help prevent pathogens from entering nearby streams

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    one or more Rivive! events listed on our events calendar

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    one or more trees or shrubs to help store excess water

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    my property using best practices for healthy streams and waterways

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    of all hazardous household waste using safe and approved methods

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    excess rain water by creating a rain garden or installing a rain barrel

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